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24 Blazers & Belts To Buy Now

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Skydiving is not just about getting on a plane, leaping and then letting gravity take over. Doing that will definitely get you killed. You need to realize that there are certain types of skydiving equipments that you must have in order to survive a jump.

That's right: survive.

When you think about it, skydiving is an activity that actually puts your life on the line. You need to take this into account and remember that skydiving is not a joke. You need every piece of equipment you can get your hands on in order to ensure that you both enjoy and survive the experience.

Here are some pieces of skydiving equipments you should definitely have:

1) The Parachute - Who would be stupid enough to engage in skydiving without a parachute? Skydiving doesn't actually involve you merely diving -you need to make sure that you reach the ground safely, right? When you get a parachute, you might want to get some professional help. Most skydiving centers actually give you certified and regularly inspected equipments. This option is a whole lot cheaper and safer than going out and buying your own chute.

2) Jumpsuits - You cannot make a jump wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You need a jumpsuit. What is the importance of having a jumpsuit? Well, you have to realize that during a jump, you are exposed to the elements. You experience strong winds and other forces of nature. Because of this, you need to be well protected. A good jumpsuit will help buffer your body from the strong air resistance and prevent your clothes from being torn apart by the winds.

A good jumpsuit will also protect you upon landing. More often than not, people who go skydiving end their jumps lying on the ground. A good jumpsuit will prevent you from getting any scratches and cuts from the ground.

3) AAD - This is the automatic activation device - one of the most essential pieces of skydiving equipment you need. This device actually releases your parachute when you can't do it manually. The AAD works by detecting the speed of your descent. By making sure that the descent speed matches with what is predicted, the AAD can detect whether you have opened your chute properly. If not, the AAD automatically releases the auxiliary chute or your back-up chute. This device definitely saves lives.

4) Altimeter - If you are on a freefall, you need to remember to open your parachute at a specific altitude. Open it too late and the parachute may not be able to slow your descent enough to enable you to land safely. Open it too early and the canopy could be ripped by the strong air resistance. An altimeter tells you whether it is the right time for you to release your chute. If you are jumping at night, the altimeter can be the only thing to serve as your eyes and tell you if you are about to hit the ground.

5) Protective gear - Of course, you need to have A helmet, padding and other types of protective gear to help prevent any injuries. The helmet is the most basic protective gear you can get, but you should also thinK about getting a spinal protector. This piece of skydiving equipment will protect your spine if you fall on your back when landing on the ground.