Accessories for Your White Strapless Dress

We are all familiar with the little black dress or LBD but are you just as familiar with the little white dress or the LWD? There is really no color that can beat white in popularity once the spring and summer months are upon us. Everyone wants to get rid of their greys and blacks from the summer and burst into the new season in something bright and clean looking and the LWD is the perfect option. Elan dresses offer a great white strapless dress that has the ability to flatter just about any body type. What we are going to discuss in this article is the ability to accessorize your new white dress so you are always dealing with a new ensemble each and every time you wear this summer favourite.

Elan casual dresses have taken the women’s fashion industry and given it a run for its money. Very few fashion designers have the ability to break into this incredibly large but segregated market, but Elan International was one of the lucky few. Their casual wear designs are now allowing women to not only look their best whenever they are going but feel comfortable at the same time. This is a fashion feature women had all but abandoned until Elan clothing came along. With this sleek white strapless dress in mind, let’s discuss your different accessorizing options.

Fashion accessories for women can be found in every single color, every material and with a wide variety of different accents as well. Red, orange and coral are hot colors this summer and can make for great accessories on a white canvas such as this casual dress in question. Beads and gemstones make for great fashion accents today and the bolder the accessories the better. When you are accessorizing a plain, neutral color such as this you want to stay away from washed out colors and instead choose colors that offer strong and bold features behind them.

Draping necklaces, dangling earrings and bangle bracelets are top choices for fashion accessories for women today. You want to find accessories that stand out from the rest and create a unique appeal that your clothing alone cannot create. Let’s not forget belts as accessories as well. You don’t have to have a size 0 waist in order to reap the benefits of a belted waistline. Plus size women have found that by breaking up the upper and lower body they actually appear smaller. You want to define your waist in order to get more out of your white strapless dress. Picture a great brown leather belt paired with red and orange beaded accessories. This quickly and simply creates the look of a bohemian princess.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated gold fashion accessories are a fantastic choice. Gold has always brought the best out of white clothing and this strapless dress is no exception. Be bold this summer and experiment with affordable fashion accessories that allow you to create 10 outfits out of 1!