Crochet – Step by Step Instructions


In order to start off a crochet project, there are some crochet guidelines to follow. The same procedure is followed for most of the crochet projects as given in these guidelines-

First step- round the yarn or cotton over the finger. Form a loop and pull it through. This is similar to tying a shoelace and it is known as slipknot.

Second step – after the slipknot, insert the crochet hook into the loop as shown. This is beginning of your first chain. Make sure the crochet hook and yarn are in correct place.

Third step – insert the crochet yarn below the yarn to make a hook of the yarn by bringing the crochet hook over to top of the yarn. to finish the chain, you need to hook the yarn and make it ready.

Fourth step – as soon as the yarn is hooked onto the crochet hook, by drawing through the loop from top finishes the first chain, refer step 2. The first chain is finished completing.

The steps 3 and 4 need to be done for as much number of times the chain is required according to the project length and breadth of the chain. Over the top of the yarn, hook the yarn with the crochet hook and draw it through the loop of the newly created chain.

Instructions for crochet pattern

1. Rounds and rows are used usually when crocheting the patterns. The pattern determines the number of rounds or rows or both the round and rows to crochet.

2. The crochet patterns are prioritized according to the amount of work to do – the difficulty level such as advanced, intermediate, and easy or beginner. Instead of rushing to complete any pattern above your capabilities, you should select any suitable pattern with a difficult level and prevent making any mistakes. As your crochet experience adds on, trying the next difficult level makes crochet easier and prevents any mistakes.

3. According to the pattern, the numbers of stitches needs to continue along the same numbers on each round or row otherwise keep record of the stitches as the number of stitches increase.

4. It is important to measure the number of stitches since the size of the hook for crochet can be determined. By trying this exercise – simply crochet a 4 X 4 inches sized pattern by following the crochet instructions. When the measure is bigger than the pattern guidelines, then the hook should be changes to a smaller size or if the pattern measurement is smaller then try a larger hook.