History of The Twin Set – A Very Sophisticated And Versatile Outfit

A twin set is an alternative description for a sweater set and is simply a mix of a cardigan sweater and a top, usually short-sleeved. This look has been popular and in vogue, ever since the decade of the 1940s. The sweater set has become a staple and dependable feature of most wardrobes due to its versatility. It can be worn with just about anything and you can also wear it for any occasion. It is just a question of knowing how to wear the twin set and rest assured you'll look gorgeous, as well as appropriately dressed.

A twin set generally combines the sweater that has buttons or a zipper at the front. It is then combined with a top that is either matching or has contrasting shades, which is worn benefit the cardigan. The second top usually comes with a high neckline and most prefer the sleeveless type. It may also have a crew neck.

Earlier, the set was invariably linked and thought to be more befitting conservative women of the upper class, but over the years, it has diversified and is now considered proper work attire. as well as for informal and casual get together. As mentioned above, as long as you are aware of how to combine the two pieces and are able to choose colors suiting your complexion, you can make it look very glamorous and sophisticated. Those days are gone when people tend to associate it as ideal for only those individuals who are demure and always preferred the neat and prim look.

It is important that you choose sizes that are not too baggy for you. The choice of appropriate jewelry accessories also plays a vital role in enhancing the look of the twin set. The material used for the twin set can be wool, cashmere or angora.

The twinset has been especially fashionable inside the 1950s but its popularity waned in the late seventies and eighties. It however resurfaced in the period of the 1990s and many women started wearing it with skirts and socks. The sweaters too began to acquire a snazzier look with sequins and beading wornly used.

It was also just a matter of time before people began experimenting with the looks. The sleeves began to be worn either raglan or extended to the wrist. Women in particular began to feel more comfortable wearing it to the office as they could combine it with skirts, trousers and even jeans. The twin set very soon replaced the ubiquitous blazer or jacket and women started wearing thicker colors as well as patterns.

The twin set has indeed established itself as a very sophisticated and versatile alternative and has made a resounding comeback.