Let the Colors and Styles Flow With Your Socks

While rugby socks are a necessity to keep the feet comfortable and dry during games and practices, why not have fun with them? There are so many colors and styles that you may struggle to narrow it all down. You do not have to settle for something that is plain and boring for your team. They will likely enjoy the flare and being able to enhance their uniforms.

You do need to make sure you have quality in place with rugby socks. Do not make the mistake of focusing only on how they look. Otherwise, you may discover that wear thin and get holes in them quickly, they fade, or they do not allow enough air to circulate for a player to stay comfortable in them.

Customized for the Team

You can add personal touches with customized rugby socks. Your team will be thrilled with this and it also helps them to feel appreciated. Keep in mind, each player should own several pairs of these socks. You want to encourage them to have a clean pair for each game and practice, not wearing them again and again without washing because they only have one pair!

Most rugby socks are longer and they fit just below the knee. Make sure what you buy is going to fit the regulations for the league you belong to. Some of them are very picky about the length of this part of the uniform. You do not want to buy great rugby socks only to learn your players can not wear them or they will be disqualified.

Consider what the rest of the uniform looks like before you buy the socks. They should blend well rather than standing out. The uniform needs to look smooth and flow well, not be choppy and distracting. As you see the many choices, some will start to get your attention more than others.


Evaluate the materials for them very closely and ensure they are not going to slip when the players move. This is a very active sport and they need the socks to remain securely in place. Avoid materials that do not hold their shape well too because after they are washed, they are going to be too thigh in some areas. Then they will be loose in others and it going to be distracting.

Shop for well-known brands that have an excellent reputation. There is a reason why such items are highly recommended. Avoid buying any particular brand or style because due to who is endorsing them. Unfortunately, celebrities often endorse those items and it increases price but there is not significant value with them.

Shop Around for Great Deals

It is best to buy all of the rugby socks from the same vendor for each of the players. If they need to pay for their own uniforms, they can then pay you for those items. Otherwise, you will end up with too many variations in regards to the shade of them and the materials that they made from. You want them all to be the same, and you may be able to get a lower per pair price in bulk.

Make sure you buy items that are durable so they will last a very long time. You want your players to get through the season with the same number of them they started out with. If you buy cheap quality ones, they will not hold up to this type of sport. You will have to get more for the player before the season ends. It is wise to invest the money in better quality at the start.