Men's Fashions – The Best Slim Fit Suits For Men Over 40

There is a misconception in men's fashion that dictates that the contemporary cut suit is a young mans game. This is mostly a half truth. Many, if not most, of the top couture fashion homes do focus their slim cut suits into extreme versions with extreme proportions but there are ways for the over 40 crowd to wear a great looking modern cut suit with out looking like they are doing their best Derek Zoolander.

When it comes to modern slim cut suits there are two things to look for: Cut and Fabric. the edgiest of the design houses will use extreme proportions in their cut. This means that the suit will be not only slim but also be cropped. They will then pair it with trendy fabrics or overtly simplified color palettes. The result is a "very out there suit" or a suit version of Ikea furniture. While these suits may be great looking, they seem oddly out of place in a board room and even odd still on a senior level executive.

This does not mean that one has to stick to the boxy sack suit with the triple pleated pants. There are plenty of places to go if what you are looking for is a sleek and tailor look. Here are the some things to look for in a slim cut suit

  • Look for British cut suits – British cut suits are tailored and slim with out being tight. Less structured than their Italian counter part yet much more fitted than an American sack suit its classic lines help create the sleek silhouette yet slim enough to be quite contemporary. Most recently seen on Daniel Craig in the James Bond role and Pierce Brosnan in his turn as Thomas Crown Its the prefect blend of classic and modern.
  • Look for Classic Fabrics – a lot of slim cut suits are cut in contemporary fabrics. This and the cut is what makes it look trendy. pairing a great slim cut with classic chalks stripes, Glen Plaids and flannel grays creates a tailor look rather than a trendy look. While this may be tougher to find it is well worth the effort. A great way of simplifying the search is to find a tailor that specializes in slim custom cut suits .
  • Stay with in 10% of your comfort zone- This is the best rule of thumb. When trying stuff on make sure that you are stretching out a little but not too much. If you put it on and feel weird do not buy it. No matter how great it looks, if you do not feel comfortable you will not wear the suit.

Invest wisely. A really great looking suit cost money. When buying slim cut ones you will run the risk of buying something trendy, so finding the balance between Classic and modern is key. Brands such as Isaia and Tom Ford are masters of this and if the end goal is investing in a suit that will carry you through decades, spending more to get more more makes all the sense in the world.