The 4 Unique Pattern Drafting Tools

If you use the 4 unique pattern drafting tools, you can create great designs that would in no way be less attractive than the ones you see at designer boutiques. After all, the globally renowned designers use the same tools to create magic on a regular basis. By doing them yourself, you can ensure the best fit as there is nothing like being able to independently attain perfection. You also feel great after designing your own clothes.

Get accurate designs

The designer's curve is the best way to get the most accurate designs and it is a tool that is used worldwide by most designers. But you have to make sure you get the best international rulers that are made from acrylic and are of excellent quality. You need to check out some of the reputed sewing pattern supply sources to get the best stuff. It has got transparent as well as come with a perfect back and front arm hole. By using the designer's curve, you can get very accurate measurements.

Create the right fit

Pattern drafting tools like the tailor's curve is a must have if you want to really create the right fit and the greatest of designs. After all you have to make sure your suits, coats and bodices as well as other clothes really fit well. With a tailor's curve having the best upper seam, the inseam, the right front and back crotch as well as the hip curve, you can be assured of an accurate fit. This is one of the pattern drafting tools that you really can not miss out on for making your sewing experience fulfilling and complete.

Get a clear idea of ​​drafted designs

For jotting down your draft, the vellum paper is your best bet and it is great in quality as well as full of very interesting patterns that are unique. It can make all your designed clothes look exquisite and extremely graceful leading to your personality getting more enhanced. Without the excellence of the vellum paper you can not get a crystal clear idea of ​​the crafted designs of yours. If you are really looking for perfection like the ones done by professional designers, you can not do without one of the most important pattern drafting tools.

Check details

If you want to go in for unique pattern drafting, you can not simply stop after measuring your curves perfectly. You need to check out every small detail that can make the final product great and perfect using tools like the vellum pattern paper. Snaps, hooks, buttons and eyes have to be even spaced out and should be uniform as well with a pattern tool like a simple expanding sewing gauge.

With 4 unique patterns drafting tools you can be on your way to creating designs on your own that can not only fit you perfectly, but make the end product more professional as well. It is easy to use the handy tools and design patterns from your home and you can let loose your creativity to the fullest for a wardrobe makeover.