The Differences Between Men's And Women's Golf Clubs You Need to Know

As you get ready to tee off a wonderful session of golf, take a closer look at your clubs. Have you chosen the right one? It is not only a decision about the woods, irons, wedges, and putters. The appropriate golf clubs are also gender-specific. The difference in the biomechanics of men and women has directly influenced the design of golf clubs. As a result, golf clubs of men and women show some very distinct feature. But the best part is, all these designs aim at the same thing: helping you play better. Wondering what the differences are? Read on to find out.

Designed To Suit the Physical Structure

Although the clubs for men and women both share the same technology, women's golf tools are lighter, and a bit shorter than men's. This reduced length and weight of women's clubs suit their physical stature and strength level. Women have slower swings compared to men, therefore, light and short clubs work in their favor and help them perform better.

Difference in Clubheads

The heads for women's golf clubs are bigger yet lighter. While the larger size offers better contact, the lighter weight ensures they do not have to deal with too heavy a club. A larger clubhead also ensures higher impact. This compensates for a woman player's slow swing.

Difference in Club Grips

With a little bit of inspection, you will figure out that women's golf clubs have narrows grips in comparison to men's. As most women have smaller palms, they can not grip a traditional golf club well enough to deliver an accurate shot. So, specifically designed clubs for women have smaller length and diameter. A proper grip is necessary for better performance.

Difference in Shafts

The designs of golf club shafts seek to add more power to the hit without compromising the balance in the swing. Shafts refer to the middle area of ​​a golf club, between the grip and the club head. Shafts in women's clubs have a graphite base to increase the flexibility of the club during the swing. On the other hand, men's clubs generally have a metal shaft. As men have more muscle mass than women, they can generate enough power to work with less flexible shafts. Graphite based shafts can work well with slower swings.

Difference in Drivers

While a men's driver have 9 to 11 degrees loft, the women's driver generally has a minimum of 12-degree loft .. Higher degree of loft can help the women players send the golf ball in the air with minimum effort. The weight difference between men's and women's drivers differs as well, with men using heavier irons while women using lighter and more flexible alternatives.

There is a reason why there are a few differences in the designs between a men's and a women's golf. Make the most of these and select a golf club that is best for you. You also need to be careful in selecting the particular club that is suited to a specific shot. Tee off some great times.