The Importance Of A Sewing Kit For All Of Your Projects

In a not so distant past the ability to sew was one that was owned by most mothers and wives; a skill necessary to keep pace with a growing family's changing needs. Whether clothing needed to be made or mended, household linens constructed, or bedding sewn for a warmer night's sleep, the women of the house were always ready – with needle and thread in hand – to take care of what was needed. But in today's world, the ability to sew is not a necessary skill but rather an optional hobby that can be done for pleasure rather than simply need. And for many, sewing means having a well-stocked sewing kit on hand to handle any and all projects.

A sewing kit comes in many different sizes – its contents dependent upon the skill of the seamstress and need and desire in the home. A sewing kit can help the casual seamstress instantly handle a missing button, pants in need of a hem, or a torn seam; but it can also hold all the tools necessary for the more skilled and motivated seamstress who desires to design and make clothing, linen, and a variety of creative projects.

Of course, a well-stocked sewing kit should include all of the functional items needed for sewing including needles, pins, thread, measuring tape, and fabric scissors. But it can – and should – also contain items that appeal to you on an aesthetic level. Make your sewing kit a place where you collect pieces or scraps of fabric that appeal to you – even if you do not know exactly where you'll use them. Chances are you'll find a project that calls for that special piece of cloth that you're now happy that you saved.

But a sewing kit collection does not need to stop there; add buttons, snaps, and any trinket that you come across in your travels. You never know; you could spend a day with your child making crafts and sewing puppets all made from the collection you have lovingly assembled in your sewing kit.