Women’s Opinions on Pantyhose for Men Affects Men’s Clothing Decisions

A man values the opinion of a woman about him. Whether the lady is her girlfriend, wife or some stranger, the kind of image that he gives out to the public matters to him. That is why he tends to be careful in his decisions that may alter a good judgment. But there are times that men can care less on this aspect. Now, since most women have different views about the idea of pantyhose for men, this either builds his confidence about wearing them or could actually do the downright opposite.

Men may like the idea of donning on male tights. But the admission about it can be done in a reserved manner. This is because they are worried on how their ladies will react to the fact that they also likes to use the same kind of leg wear that their ladies may be using. The way ladies can think about men wearing tights is due to how the society has conceptualized the right and wrong criteria of clothing choices. Which is why men would pick out their decision based on the three options: They can choose to keep it even to their girl; they share it to them in secret or they throw cushion to wind and not be bothered about it.

One’s preferences in clothing is considered an essential aspect in every relationship. Two individuals should have a general understanding about the issues revolving between the two of them. That is why some will give in to make the other party happy. So on the case of men using hosiery, women can accept the reality that there man likes to sport them but they cannot escape the thought that they may have a transvestite tendency. She may allow him to wear them when they are together but she will refuse to let other people see him on it.

If men cannot be stopped from wearing it on casual days, women may resolve to push them to wear pants to keep the nylons for men hidden. They can also make them wear the skin toned or nude colors so that it will not be too visible underneath the clothing.

Another reason that can send a negative opinion on nylons is when women themselves do not use them. If they cannot stand wearing them because they are hot and time consuming to put on, why should men even bother? The wrong foot taken here is that men have dived into the habit of using them without letting the opposite sex be more informed on its good points. We may not be able to change all women’s mind about it but we can still save the male tights image by letting the public know the benefits it can give to anyone.