50s Fancy Dress – 3 Great Costume Ideas From the Fabulous Fifties

50s fancy dress has become a popular theme at costume parties throughout the year, with people even wearing outfits from the fabulous fifties at discos and night clubs. There are many different types of 50s fancy dress costumes to choose from, which is not surprising as it was a decade of stylish outfits, many of which have never really gone out of fashion.

Below are my personal top suggestions as to what kind of 50s outfits you should consider purchasing for the upcoming party or themed disco.

Outfit Suggestion 1: Rock and Roll Costumes

Rock n roll costumes are somehow the type of outfit you would most associate with the decade, especially the ladies iconic polka dot fifties dresses. These often come with a matching jacket with a poodle motif and make great female 50s fancy dress costumes. Cool accessories to go with these outfits include fifties style sunglasses, Bobby Soxer socks and a pair of authentic looking adult 50s saddle shoes.

Meanwhile, male rock n roll costumes include the superb teddy boy outfit, which is a great accompaniment costume if your partner is going to the party in a poodle outfit. These brightly colored costumes usually feature a matching teddy jacket and trousers, as well as a contrast collar, pocket covers and cuffs.

Outfit Suggestion 2: Hollywood movies

Fifties Hollywood movies are also a good source of inspiration for costumes. A popular 50's outfit for women is of course the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the Seven Year Itch, made famous in the scene when the dress is seen billowing over a subway grate.

Meanwhile, the Jail House Rock costume, made famous by Elvis Presley in the 1950's film of the same name, is a great looking movies' outfit for the men. The costume usually consist of a black and white striped shirt, black trousers and a matching black printed jacket with a prison number on the left-hand side.

Outfit Suggestion 3: Grease costumes

Staying on the subject of movies, a blockbuster film from the seventies is also a great source of 50s fancy dress costumes. The film in question is of course Grease, staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, about life and love in a fifties high school.

The film is a popular choice for fancy dress as it sums up 50s fancy dress perfectly, whether it be the T-Birds greasers style or the bowling lane Pink Ladies outfits. However, my personal favorite is the preppies style Sandy Dee look.

In the movie, the kind of costume that Sandra Dee wore, until near the end of the film, was a white top with red collar and an attached red skirt. The white top had a big red "R" on it, which of course stands for Rydell High. I recommend that you add a Sandy wig with red ribbon detail to finish your outfit off.