ADDICTED To Spanish Underwear

ADDICTED underwear is designed and locally manufactured in Barcelona. The brand is relatively new, having only established a few years ago. Since then, following the release of multiple collections with some steamy promotional campaigns, the brand has gained huge popularity and is one of the fastest growing underwear brands in Europe.

ADDICTED has become synonymous with bold, vivid designs that really push the boundaries with colour. Grey, black and white are not what you will find with ADDICTED. This is statement underwear in every colour you could imagine, including the rather unchartered territories of pink and orange. And why have one colour when you can have many? The designs include multiple colours, stripes, logos and themes. The products are all cut with low-rise waists, giving a modern and comfortable fit, sitting below the hip. Some designs are made with super soft and breathable modal fabric, which helps keep you cool and dry, perfect for warmer climates. Technology has been added to other products with ‘push-up’ features that provide lift and support at the front or ‘pack-up’ padding which gives the appearance that you are, shall we just say, bigger than you really are!

Back in 2012, the brand began to introduce new collections and currently releases two collections each year in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. The new releases have often been promoted with some rather hot and steamy promotional campaigns that have caught the attention of many.

The most recent promotional campaign for the ‘ADDICTED To Game‘ Autumn/Winter 2013 collection featured models Kirill Dowidoff and Anton Agat. The new products included mesh materials, x rated designs and some flag designs, appropriately just in time for the Sochi Olympics.

The ‘ADDICTED PitStop‘ Spring/Summer 2013 campaign introduced a range of bold tri-color designs. Again, the promotional material featured Kirill Dowidoff and Anton Agat, this time in an oily and steamy garage scene. Rather amusing really, I’ve never taken my car for an MOT to find the mechanics walking around in hot underwear!

The ‘ADDICTED Playful‘ Autumn/Winter 2012 collection saw the introduction of themed underwear, modal fabrics, push-up support systems and pack-up frontal enhancement features. The campaign featured Russian model Den Wok who managed to lure you in with his rather large and perfectly formed muscles.

2014 looks like a bumper year for the brand with a huge new collection for Spring/Summer 2014 due soon.

It’s all very tempting really. The products and the campaigns are both a visual stimulant that can’t be resisted and you would be forgiven for believing that this was the only pull for the brand. But with great fits and quality, guys from around the world come back for these products time and time again – it’s addictive!

ADDICTED’s formula of eye-catching designs that stretch the boundaries of colour, technology, innovative fabrics, style and great comfort, blended with notorious promotional campaigns has created a new Armada in men’s underwear. It’s sure to get you Addicted!