Beginner Crochet

A crochet is an art woven from thread or wool in lacy pattern. To enable to pull the yarn crochet is an art woven from thread or wool in lacy pattern. The crochet hooks or the needles used in the projects are designed in a way that they have a hook at one end of the needle to hold the yarn and pull through the loops it makes. You can work with only one loop at a time. Scarves, hats and doilies have intricate patterns made by crocheting which are made with ease provided you learn to stitch the basic stitches and knowing the use of those stitches.

The simple stitches that one needs to know to work any crochet design are

1. Single crochet: the needle is made to go in through the second chain stitch to get two loops on the hook. Enfold the yarn round the hook and pull through all the other three loops at the same time.

2. Double crochet: the wool is wrapped round the needle. Put inside the needle through the stitch. Enfold the yarn round the needle and pull in from the two loops on the hook. Enfold the yard close to the needle once more and pick in the other loops on the needle.

3. Treble crochet: a rather long stitch comparatively to the double stitch. The wool is rolled up close the needle twice before you pass it through the next stitch. The rest is same as double stitch-folding the yarn surrounding the needle and pulling in across two loops for every stitch.

Benefits of Beginning Crochet

Once you start with basic crochet projects, anyone can learn and get practiced; you can sit at ease or possibly in a chair and do crochet. It is a very relaxing and with ease job. From one end of crochet, due to practice you can take rest to the extent of doing other things like watch television on the other end; while still crocheting.

Crocheting can be a social activity

Crocheting might look like a lonely activity but one can do crochet work and chat with friends or in get together tea parties also. As a stand alone, I took crochet project and now occasionally find some basic crocheters and we engage in talking while crocheting. On telephone conversation also, I do crocheting. Hence, crocheting has become a favorite past-time.

Crochet can save you money

Some opinions crocheting can save considerable amount of money. One of the craftwork, crochet can be expensive at times depending on how imaginative you are and put down in crochet form. Crochet allows you to inculcate yourself in every stage of your new design.