Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

The best way to spend the beginning of the floral season is to clean up all that dusty rubbish that collected over the winter. What most people don’t know is that spring cleaning can be easy to do and quick too!

Try to clean something every day. Everyone has a second to spare so why not use that second to clean out a drawer or throw something that you don’t need away? Here are some quick and easy spring cleaning tips:

  • Do the easy tasks first. Clean your kitchen cupboards with a dust cloth and polish. You may not notice but the grooves that make the cupboard decorative could have accumulated dust over the stale winter months. This also includes the doors of the fridge.
  • Polish your entire collection of silver cutlery and ornaments. Over time silver will turn to a dark grey that feels like tar on your fingertips. Use a cloth and silver polish to clean that right up.
  • Your oven is also an important appliance that needs to be cleaned once in a while. Make sure that you remove all the burnt food lying on the bottom of the oven and clean the grease with soap. Soap is the only element that has the ability to remove those disgusting stains.
  • Remember to throw anything you don’t need away. This rule applies to your cupboards. You will notice that you own many clothes you don’t wear. What’s the point of keeping them if you don’t want to wear them? This is the first quick step to organising your cupboards. The rest is just neatening up the space.
  • Do more than one task at a time. You will feel more productive by doing this. I don’t mean something like tying a broom to your apron whilst you clean the surfaces. If something is being washed in the washing machine, take the opportunity to clean something else like a window or shower.
  • Wash all the curtains in the house. Gravity might be pulling the fabric down but spiders like the secrecy. Don’t forget the rail. That has a thick layer of dust that will be breathed in when you sleep.
  • Dust all the lighting appliances such as lamps and fittings. You will be surprised how much dust accumulates on the surface.
  • The most important part to clean in your house is your upholstery. The lounge is where you spend most of your time. You don’t want your beautiful lounge suite dirty with dust. Depending on the material you could either wipe it down or vacuum it to remove all hair and dust lodged in your lounge suite.