Should Men’s Suits Match A Date’s Dress?

Whether men’s suits should match the date’s dress or not is one of those age old questions that everyone seems to have an opinion about. And even if you have a strong opinion one way or the other, what is considered ‘matching’ colors, prints, or styles is completely subjective. With all the confusion, it seems fitting that someone finally provides a simple answer, so here it is: Do not try to match exactly what your date is wearing, but do not clash with what they are wearing. Still confused? Read on.

Obviously you want to steer clear of being the clashing eye-sore of the night, but also avoid being too ‘matchy matchy’ with your coordination. The goal is to choose a suit that will complement what your date is wearing.

It is important to understand that clashing does not only involve pairing up different prints, but also colors that are either too similar or too drastically different. Not all blues (for example) are the same, as some may be more green-blue or more navy blue. Trying to match colors will almost always result with a coordination that is too exact making you two lovebirds look like a blob of navy blue, or the color hue is just off and it looks like a failed attempt at coordination (such as a navy suit and aqua dress).

Luckily for men, the most common dress suits colors include black, navy blue, and grey. So if your date already has her dress, and she’s willing to share some details, asking what color the dress is will help you determine which men’s suits will work best. For those who are able to get the details, here is a simple set of guidelines to help you and yours look your best.

• Grey dress suits go great with the more vibrant colors – red, yellow, orange, green, aqua blue, purple, pink, black dresses

• Navy blue dress suits nicely complement the more muted colors – brown, beige, yellow, grey, white dresses

• Black dress suits, the most formal choice, can work with almost all colors, but be careful of vibrant dress colors looking too harsh or over-the-top in certain settings. Dress colors should be more muted as suggested with navy blue men’s suits.

While each of these suit colors can be worn with a variety of shirt and tie color options, be careful of falling into the ‘matchy matchy’ category and looking like you and your date are part of a wedding party. If you are truly unable to figure out your date’s dress color, choose simple patterns and subdued colors and base your men’s suits selection on what is appropriate for the type of event you will be attending.