Women’s Slouch Socks – Back to the 80s

Remember the days when wearing women’s slouch socks was the fashion statement? Women did not just wear one pair.  They wore them in multiple layers. Why stop with one color when two or three pairs of them look even more stylish. Wearing these kinds of socks were a part of the 80s fashion statement.

Women’s slouch socks feature tops that easily stretches so that they can be worn in multiple layers and colors. Back then, it was popular to match them with shirt tops. If someone wore a blue and white top, women would wear these socks in blue and white on the same foot. The more layers the better. Even when the temperature starts climbing, a fashion statement takes priority over comfort.

For those that are even more daring, try three layers of socks in different colors. With three sock layers, one can get creative and try different sock color patterns. One foot could wear red, blue, and white socks. The other leg could sport blue, white, and red socks.

Want to take colored socks to another level? How about wearing two colors of socks – one on each leg. For instance, the left leg would have two pairs of black socks and the right leg would have two pairs of white socks.

Fashion comes in many styles.  Next time when you feel like having a retro look, bring back the old school 80s fashion statement with these socks.   They can be worn with jeans, spandex, and even skirts.